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Ayla Davison - 3D Generalist 2020

Ayla Davison - 3D Generalist 2020

Ayla Davison
by ayladavison on 20 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

For my submission of the Rookies 2020 contest, I would like to share the projects I have completed during my last year of education. As a recent graduate I am hoping to get my name out there, become recognized for the skills I offer and have a greater opportunity for finding work within the industry!

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Snail in the Sun

Individual Project no.3

This is the third Individual project I completed during my level 7 studies at Yoobee, School of Design. The photograph to the right was originally taken by Pedro Guerra and acted as a reference point for my modelling piece.

In this project I aimed to tackle photo-realism, higher detailed texturing and translucency in objects, in the small window of time I had left before graduating. 


Individual Project no.2

The character below (Dreeg) currently only exists as a sculpture within the game Grim Dawn. I decided to recreate a fan art inspired piece with my own interpretation of its 3D forms if it were to exist within the same video game.

I decided on this project because it was a completely different style to my last and allowed me to explore new aspects while providing diversity for my portfolio. I went for a dirty, grittier art piece that would fit better within a game scenario. Limited reference of the character meant I was able to add my own creativity and imagination where needed.

The Room

Individual Project no.1

This project was mainly chosen to showcase environment design, mood captured through lighting, and correct topology and UV layout on a range of different objects. This was an ambitious one-man project that required a lot of hours and dedication to finish on time. I pushed myself for the addition of characters, rigs and animation in order to showcase my skills from a generalist point of view. The fact that the design was original gave me free reign on all aspect, making the whole production very fun but also a good challenge.

My scene was modelled using Maya, ZBrush and Marvellous Designer. Texturing was done within ZBrush and through Rendermans material shaders. The main character was also rigged and animated through Maya. Renderman was the chosen software to produce the final show piece.

Engine Still Life

Sumative Modelling Project

The outline of this summative was to choose a still life object, photograph the subject and attempt to recreate the original image in 3D form as accurately as possible. I decided to model a broken-down car engine, original photograph being on the left above, while the rendered 3D model to the right above.

I decided on this subject piece to, again, offer more variety to my portfolio and showcase my skills in hard surface modelling. It was another ambitious project to tackle in the time frame given, but I enjoy challenging myself and pushing for a ‘wow’ piece when possible. The point of university is to learn, and what better way to do so then to go outside my comfort zone and explore new territory. 

Dragon Tamer

Formative Modelling Project

The outline of this formative was to choose an existing 2D concept art piece and recreated it in the form of a 3D model. I decided to recreate Jessica Madorran's Japanese character design to showcase my ability to create believable 3D forms from a 2D reference and my overall organic and persona execution.

As extra curricula I rigged both characters and created a short stance animation loop.

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