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Treasured 3D Animated Short Film

Treasured 3D Animated Short Film

Abhineetam Chaurasia
by Doyeong Kim, Punyawee Kamchonvongpaisal, Yuyan Jiang, abhineetam, marketakindlova, and michaelakindlova on 20 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Treasured is a 3D short film made by the students of Bournemouth University. Credits Abhineetam Chaurasia - Director/Lighting Doyeong Kim - Animation Marketa Kindlova - Animation/Concept Art Michaela Kindlova - Animation/Art Direction Punyawee Kamchonvongpaisal - Animation Yuyan Jiang - Producer/Modeling/Rigging/Music

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Lighting Breakdown and Personal Contribution of Abhineetam Chaurasia

Character Modeling and Rigging Breakdown by Yuyan Jiang

Animation, Modeling and Concept Research by Doyeong Kim

Animation, Modeling and Reseach by Punyawee Kamchonvongpaisal

Art Direction and Animation Supervision by Michaela Kindlova

Animation, Concept Art and Modeling by Marketa Kindlova

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