Nguyễn Châu | Concept Art  Entry

Nguyễn Châu | Concept Art Entry

Nguyễn Thị Hoài Châu
by ngthchau on 21 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my entry. Here is some of my most proud concepts and illustrations made while studying at DAE. Hope you'll enjoyed!

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Style Researching - Character Concept

My works during the Blue Sky phase. 

First, I visualized the level to keep the whole team on the same page after long sessions of brain storming and hyping them up for the brand new project! :)

Then, I designed the two opposing teams' symbols, based on the medieval sun and moon. I struggled with creating with a moon symbol that has its own flavour but still resembles the sun.

As it was intended to be an multiplayer LBVR, the character designs are one of the key art player experience. Thus, I combine the style exploration with designing the playable character.

Final playable character concept (left) and screen capture showing off the hand asset done by my amazing friend Noel Chengalath (right).

Early explorations in chronoloigal order. From my favourite style, I tried out different ideas for the character.

In-depth variations to flesh out the character.


My focus was experimenting and setting up a solid style guide for the project through design the key props.

Of course, cauldron was the first prop to be realized! It is the hero piece carrying the game spirit.

Then, I worked on the ingredient prepping stations to demonstrate the general look and sizes for the programmers coding the main mechanics.

My favourite pieces from this project! The art style and shape languages are determined after designing Pygmy Root: squary and chubby. Dragon Sage is created to be cohesive with Pygmy Root while still highly distinctable.

The game's main motif is found during designing the Healing Fountain. It is later used repeatedly in other props (e.g. Recipe Book and Carpets) to tie everything together. Super pleased with that :).


My focus was creating props and UI layout following the style guide for a consistant end product.

I settled with a simple design to bring the focus to the symbol and to make it readable as the Recipe Book will be constantly animated in game.

The idea of the "Wood Storage" is harvesting the wood from a forever growing tree.

Other props. As I already has a clear view of how I want these props to look like, there're little variations for these props, mostly just to nitpicking its detail.

UI concepts.

In-game beautyshots. The 3D art tasks are divided between Noel Chengalath and me. Art directed by me.


Marh is a barbarian tiefling who joins a quest to secretly protect her grandson. To hide her enslaved past, she uses bandages to cover the markings.

Final character sheet. It is such a pity that I cannot fit realizing her slavery markings into the time frame, would love to go back and give that extra depth to her back story!

The project is started with her portrait to find the best match to the story, as I believe it is where the audiences can really see her soul. Then, I paint a bunch of quick outfit and full body sketches to further exploring the character.

The last steps are vertical variations and give her a decent weapon to fight those enemies. Let's hope that she'll roll natural 20 to properly show off her new shiny item!

WWII Armored Walker

A walking vehicle based on an existing WWII tank. The final design is an Allies's vehicle for anti-tank snipping purpose.

After thumbnailing, my favourite designs are then carefully studied and explained to explore its best potential.



Some of the paintings I made during free time.

Daisy - A self-portrait I made as an homage to my reclaimed self-esteem.

The Spring Goddess - a painting to celebrate my first Lunar New Year alone away from my family.

Figure Drawings


You can find out more about these projects on my Artstation.

Phew... that was a long post! If you're still here, thank you for sticking through :D Let's get to know each other!

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