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Empty Zone - Cyberpunk

Empty Zone - Cyberpunk

by sofiacascais on 19 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

The work here presented is a 3D interpretation of the comic Empty Zone created by Jason Shawn Alexander. I used the comics as concepts for my work and decided to go towards a realistic approach. It was am ongoing learning/working project that I developed at a 3D Modeling and texturing course at Odd School.

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Exterior scene set in an alley in a cyberpunk world.

The challenge with this scene was the lighting, as well as the high number of elements.

This one I ended up not following the concept on it's mood and choose to go for a more vibrant neon look.

The lights are the creators of the mood and I would be needing some of them to scatter around the scene and for that reason I decided to create some 3d neons beside the flat ones to make it more dynamic and visually more appealing.

The design of these weren't the main focus, though I would love to have worked on them in more detail.

But for the time in hand I had to use the base of the cryo, striped it down and work towards the holographic effect.

So I used a mesh converted it to particles in 3Ds Max and then converted the particles back to a mesh and applied a v-ray self illumination material.

That wasn't enough, so I had to create a fog cylinder to scatter the light and ended up adding a light in the bottom of the fog.

Interior Scene

Top view of the bad guys lab, were they conducted their experiments trying to bring the dead to life.

The green that comes from the souls and contaminates the whole scene gives us that sickening mood but also that science fiction vibe.

In the end both scenes turned to be very lightning dependent.

Cryo with soul

I choose a holographic look to the soul that the lab scientists are trying to attach to a dead body because of the overall mood of the story, it's mainly a data/technology driven story and it made sense for me represented like that.

Mechanical arm

This was one of the last pieces modeled and one of my favorite.

It was important for me that it was functional and the animation was a result of testing that.

Character - Corine White

An ex-soldier, turned black market spy, data courier, manic-depressive alcoholic.

The character was the most difficult part for me, it was also the last to be executed, and I was short on time to finish the project.

It was my first character and I had to learn a lot of things in that process, was having some difficulties with the displacement in 3ds max had to learn how to rig and pose it, Marvelous designer was also needed to me so a lot of things cold go wrong.

It clearly needs more work but it was a great learning exercise.

Vending Machine

Lab panel walls 

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