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Faemon's Gambit + Miscellaneous Works

Faemon's Gambit + Miscellaneous Works

Julian Crow Rush
by julianrush on 19 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My portfolio consists of my graduation project "Faemon's Gambit" for Syn Studio's Concept Art Diploma Program, and a few other personal works both during and after my time in school.

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My main project, Faemon's Gambit is based on the celtic folktale 'The Sea Maiden'. 

I reworked the story to center around the Faemon role as an antagonist with the main two characters Herd and Princess Emry as two 'playable character storylines' influenced by the Famon's overall story. In this fantasy world, life and death are more intertwined with each other and takes on a more visible manifestation in the plants and animals that inhabit the land.

In regards to art direction, I wanted to use linework as a form of rendering and really utilize the appeal of celtic design while putting in some creepy undertones by keeping a desaturated color pallet with a few accents, letting the pattern designs in the linework carry the visuals.


A fisherman had made a deal with the infamous Faemon to provide prosperity to his life in return for the soul of his son. When Herd had turned 25 the Faemon came to claim him, but Herd had convinced the Faemon he would be of better use doing the Femon's bidding throughout the land. Having bought himself some time, Herd works secretly to uncover the origins of the Faemon and it's weakness in hope of destroying it.

The Faemon

The Faemon is the puppeteer and cause for many of the strange things happening in the kingdom. Orchestrating current events by making deals from behind the scenes on unsuspecting targets. The Faemon is fixated on having control over the flow of life and death, and will do anything to ensure its survival and desire for eternal life.

Princess Emry

A determined and hardworking leader, Princess Emry takes an active role in investigating the disappearance of her people and other strange activity happening throughout the kingdom. Casting enchantments with the use of her harp, Emry is able to calm beasts of all kinds and soothe the heart of any soul who hears her music.

Three Headed Beast

The Beast started out with only one head, a basic level of intelligence and not much larger than a bear. With everything that it consumed it became larger and smarter. It began with the wildlife from the swamp and the surrounding areas, but primitive creatures could only do so much to quench its desire to absorb more knowledge, strength and longevity. The Faemon made a deal with The Beast, taking advantage of it’s insatiable desire for higher intelligence by providing human offerings in turn for its services and protection. The Beast roams the wilds looking for more things to consume while guarding the Faemon’s home deep within the swamp.


After I finished my Faemon's Gambit project, I wanted to try something in the opposite direction in terms of style and color. I decided to experiment on a more animation and cartoon focus for visuals with vibrant colors and saturation. This miniature IP is based on the idea of a co-op action/adventure shooter game in a retro-sci fi setting.

Character Redesign

My final piece is a recent work I did that was inspired by the official parody Final Haikyuu!! Quest for Haruichi Furudate's manga Haikyuu!!. Using the original versions as a loose template, I redesigned the two characters 'Grand King' Oikawa and 'Dark Wizard' Kuroo into more colorful eye catching fantasy characters.

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