Traveling Beer Boar Bar

Traveling Beer Boar Bar

Sven Ulrich
by anthonyjk, n0odle, and sventwulrich on 26 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

How about a mug of ale? The traveling beer boar bar's got you covered! With it's 2 ginormous kegs of ale, it'll bring joy to any party... guaranteed! This is one of my three entries for the rookies awards 2020, I want to focus on modeling + texturing.

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Based on the concept by Jourdan Tuffan.

I want to thank Jourdan Tuffan for allowing me to use his concept. Anthony Kersten for rigging it, and Joshua Schmidt for animating it. Ultimately bringing Jourdan's concept to life!

Turntable & Breakdowns

General Information:

- Base meshes for the hard surface objects were done in maya
- Base mesh of the boar was made in zbrush then retopologized in maya, and taken back into zbrush for the creation of the displacement map
- For the fur I created a few different alphas and dragged them out across the boar in Zbrush. Further work on the wood grain and metal dent/damage was done using various brushes, such as Michael Vincente's orb brush pack, trim dynamic, or dam standard.
- This project uses 9 UDIMS with 4096x4096 resolution each.

I like to keep topology clean, and have well laid out UVs, to not only make it easier for myself, but also for anyone else working on the team. This includes having tidy scene and file structures. 

Concept by Jourdan Tuffan.

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