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Concept Art & Visual Development

Concept Art & Visual Development

Quentin Marsollier
by quentinmarsollier on 18 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

The goals in my career are to become an illustrator and a concept artist for video games and animation movies. I realized that I wanted to work in the creative media and entertainment industry, especially in concept art since I begin to draw in the goal to create something new.

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I will present you two projects. A personal project called "The Indian", as a goal to work on the same universe with many concepts. The second project is a concept and illustrations work, that I realize for my graduation movie : Finn.

The Indian : 

The Indian is a personal project with colors and graphics researches. Different researches helped in the environments visual development.

In The Clouds

Before to realize "In the clouds", I executed some clouds researches with different atmospheres. In order to determine the graphic and color style in my picture.

Clouds Study

To continue the environments concepts, I realized a researches boards on the graphic rocks. Some sketches are done in traditional technique, with a chinese ink and a pencil.

Utah Rocks Concepts

Environment Concept

The Hidden River

The top environment concept helped me realize "The Hidden River".

In concept arts continuity, I executed two characters designs boards, with some characters of my universe.

Western Blue Jay Bird  

Here’s the Western Blue Jay bird with graphic shapes.

Wild West Team

I present you the Wild West Team, with the universe characters : Sergent Ruggles, Daisy "The Dancer" and Scott Buck "The Outlaw".

Here's four environments designs with different atmospheres.


As A Stranger

Beyond The Rocks


Finn :

Here’s a part of my work that I realized during the pre-production and the production of my graduation movie : Finn. A viking with many ambitions and motivations for win a prestigious contest. 

Concept Art :

In pre-production, I realized props concepts and environments concepts.

Props :

The first part of my work consisted to made the Knarr, shields and weapons of the main character. 


The vehicle realization is significant, because it must represent the main character personality and his universe. 


The viking fights with different shields and weapons in front of ennemies. 


Environments :


Before the environments, there have been thumbnails researches in black and white in order to determine the picture composition. 

Environments Design 

Here’s the environments concepts with different ambiances in order to determine the landscapes designs and the colors of the graduation movie. 

Background of the main character :

In the short movie "Finn", the character remember some past moments. Mainly due to bad memories. Here is some illustrations for the 2D parallax utilization at the start and the end of the short movie. 

The Trophy Room

Fight : Dragon vs Finn

Fight  : Bear vs Finn

Short Film Credits

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