Matt Hawker - Rookies of the year

Matt Hawker - Rookies of the year

Matt Hawker
by matthawker on 18 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is a compilation of some of my best work in VFX. I am a nuke compositor/prep artist with a passion for everything VFX!

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MATT HAWKER - Rookie of the year submission

Here is my showreel including all of the best work from University. This showcases skills such as:


Projection mapping

Painting clean plates



Some of these shots include work from others artist so here are the credits:

Scorcher Graveyard Scene:

Model: Théo Domon

Rig, Animation: Andreas Tryfonos

Undiscovered Dinosaurs:

Plate: Stock footage, unsure of original creator

Model: Smithsonian Institution

Horizon Zero Dawn Scene:

Model: Théo Domon

Animation: Laura Collazo

Compositing Final Major Project:

Model, Rig, Animation: elly77ellison

All other assets are created by myself.

Compositing Final Major Project

This is the final project for my 3rd year (therefore the final project of University). I collaborated with a few different artists as credited above. However, I was responsible for:

Camera work (last 2 shots), matchmove, paint/prep, rotoscoping, lighting, rendering, compositing, grade.

Undiscovered Land

This was a piece created for the rookies brief about creating something "undiscovered". All models and plates for this project was found online (credited above) but I was responsible for:

Matchmove, rotoscoping, lighting, rendering, compositing, grade.

Horizon Zero Dawn Scene

This project was a collaboration between myself and another compositor, however I'm responsible for the shots in the images. We also worked with an animator for this project as credited above. I am responsible for:

First shot: Matchmove, rotoscoping, compositing

Second shot: Matchmove, rotoscoping, keying, part of the compositing

Nike Advert

This was my first project using nuke, I think it taught me the basics well and I'm proud of how it came out! Everything was done by myself for this project including:

Camerawork, matchmove, rotoscoping, paint/prep, keying, compositing, grade

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