Taylor Webber - VFX Best Work

Taylor Webber - VFX Best Work

Taylor Webber
by taylorjadewebber on 18 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is a page full of my best work to date, including my 2020 Compositing showreel. Compositing is what I want to go into, I love bringing 2D and 3D assets together to make a realistic scene.

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Taylor Webber - Rookie of the year submission

This is my 2020 graduate showreel, compiling all of my work as a compositor, from my three years at the university of South Wales.

Showcasing skills such as Rotoscoping, Tracking, Clean up, Keying and Compositing.

Models and footage credit:

Scorcher Model - Théo Domon

Animator and Rigger of Scorcher: Andreas Tryfonos

Animator and Rigger of Tallneck: Mattia Gagliardi

Circus Assets - Dmitriy Dryzhak

Snow Footage - Agnius Narkevičius

Desert Footage - Enrique Hoyos

Cabin Models: CranberryMK

Campsite models: Hard Idea on sketchfab

Here is my final major project from 3rd year. I wanted to base my shots on the Horizon Zero Dawn game, as I love the visuals, environments, animals and story! In this piece I wanted to show different animals and their environments.

I did the rotoscoping, tracking, lighting, rendering, and compositing.

To reiterate credit for this piece:

Scorcher and Tallneck model : Théo Doman

Animator and Rigger of Scorcher: Andreas Tryfonos

Animator and Rigger of Tallneck: Mattia Gagliardi

Snow Footage - Agnius Narkevičius

Desert Footage - Enrique Hoyos

Here is a project of mine focusing on creating a horror circus. I did the Tracking in Nuke, positioning, lighting, rendering in 3D. Then multipass composited in Nuke to really bring out certain areas.

Circus Assets:

Dmitriy Dryzhak

Broken Doll was a really cool personal project for me, as it's the first time I used Keentools Facebuilder and FaceTracker. 

You use the standard facial mesh and mould it to the face, track this, then UV unwrap the face. You then add the assets and rewrap it, causing the assets to follow the form of the face. 

This project featured on the KeenTools Showreel at FMX 2019. 

This was the first time I had composited 3D and only had a short time span of 5 weeks to get animations and rigs from Laura Collazo, and composite.

This was my first attempt at Horizon Zero Dawn, and went on to progress this idea further in my FMP. 

I worked with Matthew Hawker as a fellow compositor on this project. 

Pandoras box was a project I worked on with Matt Hawker. We both took a couple of shots each and tried to bring the story of pandoras box to life. 

The images I include below are the shots I worked on.

This was an old age effect done using Keentools Facebuilder and Facetracker. I took snippets from various older faces and merged them together to track them on the face. 

These veins growing on to her face was done use smart vectors, adjusting to the creases and lines in her face. 

This box was a real box I painted and decorated, then projection mapped in C4D. I built the basic geometry of the box and the cabinet and tracked them. I then projection mapped the footage back on top of the geometry to create a fake 3D effect, which then allowed me to play around with particular and create this light effect within the cabinet. By using fake 3D it makes it look as if the particles are effecting the room when its just footage.

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