Lu Song's Art

Lu Song's Art

by lusong0315 on 19 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, I am Lu Song, a fresh graduate student from The One Academy. Here are my favourite project and artworks I did in college. Hope you enjoy them!

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Matte Paintings




Concept Art

Group Project - "Promise"


A boy fell in love with a Water Spirit Girl during the Qing Dynasty but found out that she was a living sacrifice as an offering to a local deity.

"Promise" is a group project I've done with Hamyu Productions. There are many characters, creatures, props and environments were designed by all the members. The film poster, key arts and all the artworks shown at here are part of my designs.

The story is about a young shrine boy's fateful encounter with a water spirit girl became a series of unfortunate events when he realised that she was used as sacrifice in order to protect the village from disasters and calamities. Soon, he will be caught up in the war, family issues and a promise that will change both their lives forever... 

Process of work

Other Artworks

Digital painting: 

"Italy courtyard"; "Morning mood"; "Doctor Strange"; "Female portrait"; "Creature Portrait"; "Ocean Princess"; Key art of "God of Fortune"; Short film poster of "God of Fortune".

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