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3D Characters and Environment - Diana Sousa

3D Characters and Environment - Diana Sousa

Diana Sousa
by dianasousa on 16 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A collection of 3D characters and one environment I modeled (in ZBrush, but mostly in Maya) and textured (in Substance Painter).

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All of these projects were made during my two-year course at AnimSchool. I had the chance to work with fantastic teachers, who pushed me and taught me invaluable knowledge which I don't think I would have gotten otherwise. I'm thankful for them, and I'm excited to work on my portfolio and one day step into the industry.

Potion Shop - Textured

I picked a corner of a previous project, a full environment piece of a potion shop (more in the next section), and worked on it to give it a more whimsical and magical mood through textures and lighting.

This was an in-depth study of what Substance Painted can do for me. I like to go beyond the standard materials it provides, and hand-paint details in so I can personalize everything in a scene.

I used xGen to make the broom, and to add details to the sofa and the rug.

I illustrated all book covers, as well as the studies on the wall, on Adobe Photoshop.

I also made reference boards so I had a frame of reference in terms of what I wanted to achieve with the textures, color palette, lighting, etc.

Potion Shop - Environment

This was the project on which I based the previous section, all modeled on Autodesk Maya. It's based on a concept by Atomhawk's Mick Mowat & Josh Hutchinson, and here it only has very basic color textures, since the goal was to develop a full environment piece, and not texture it.

I still worked with lights within Autodesk Maya / Arnold to give it some mood and make it more similar to the original concept. The plants are done with a mixture of xGen and polygons.

Mollymauk Tealeaf

3D character model of Mollymauk Tealeaf, a character from the Dungeon and Dragons web show Critical Role. Original concept by Kooks.

This was made in Autodesk Maya, where I also UV'd it so I could color texture it in Substance Painter, and then it was rendered in Arnold. I had a really fun time coming up with the drawings for the parts of the coat that are not a part of the original illustration.

Aurora, the Wizard

3D character model of Aurora, a wizard created by Runesael Flynn, and colored by me. Modeled in ZBrush, with some basic textures from there, and rendered in Arnold.

The original concept was just a sketch, so I had some liberty on how to color it (although I consulted the original artist), as well as on how to interpret everything into three dimensions. The hair was super fun to do, and one day I'd like to try a version of it with xGen and grooming.

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