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Student animation Portfolio | Joshua Schmidt

Student animation Portfolio | Joshua Schmidt

Hello everyone! This is my animation Portfolio put together during the last 6 months of my education at PIXL VISN Cologne.

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Hello everyone!

My name is Joshua, I'm an aspiring animator graduating by the end of June from PIXL VISN Cologne where I have studied all aspects of a 3D Pipeline.
I have teamed up with many talented people during my 15 months of education to create the projects for our reels.
Today I'm very happy to share with you some of these projects in this post.


As one of the first animations I have been working on for my reel, working on this strange creature has been very intriguing. Miria Kutzner has modeled, textured and rigged this creepy little guy, and Mirco Tornow did the integration into live footage and the compositing.
Here are the links to the Rookie profiles of Miria and Mirco.


These 4 small portrait animations I made for Alexander Bollgoehn's lighting reel have been posing a unique but interesting challenge. The Animatable Digital Double of Louise by Eisko© ( ) has an in-depth realistic facial rig, and I have been assigned to create subtle, yet realistic expressions.
Alex' Rookies profile can be found here.


Undoubtedly the biggest project I have been working on was this dragon. In a collaboration with Dennis Petzinna (modeling) and Anthony Kersten (rigging) I put together this animation.

Travelling beer boar

Last but not least, the talented modeling artist Sven Ulrich has given me the opportunity to breathe life into his boar's turntable. Both modeling and texturing was done by Sven, while rigging was taken care of by Anthony Kersten.
Here is a link to the Project by Sven.

Thank you for reading my entry for the Rookies 2020!

To wrap this up, big thank you to everyone I had the opportunity to work with during my time at PIXL VISN.

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