Federico Andolfo | Environment Reel

Federico Andolfo | Environment Reel

Federico Andolfo
by foga on 14 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Those are my personal works made during 2019/2020.

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Kaer Morhen from The Witcher 3

The whole scene is a remake of the iconic room from The witcher 3.
I wanted to use as many trim sheets as possible, so that I could use the same textures for many assets.
This can be seen especially for the wood textures and  the trim sheets used for the arcs,pillars and the central chimney.

I aimed to balance the reddish colors coming from the floor, candles and wood, with the bluish moonlight coming from the windows.

The trail of puddles (driven by vertex paint) were used to track a path from the basin to the bed.

Into the basin there are small traces of soap...someone must have taken a bath recently!

The following assets where made with a series of trim sheets and tileables, so that I could optimize my texture size/count while reaching an higher resolution.

A closer look to some fornitures with engravings.

Merlin's Cave

The whole scene is based on the idea of transmit a "souls like game" mood. The presentation video aims to showcase the room so that only during the final seconds you can suppose what happened in this place. 

I also made everything very humid and dirty; desolation is the only thing standing still here.

The fog shader was driven by two cloud textures overlapping each other while panning. I also used a slight bumb offset.

The pillars were baked separately in a single texture, so that I could assemble them in various combination I want(in a group of 7-8 pillars per istance), and then let the baked AO merge the pillars together.

Original concept by Jeremy Paillotin

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