Avec le Do de la Cuillère

Avec le Do de la Cuillère

by ancellucas on 13 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Its's All Graavy ! ESMA movie directed by Lucas Ancel, Theoline Chapas, Edgard Cros, Clement Crosnier, Nolwenn Petereau, Anouk Nedellec, Laurent Wassouf

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A young woman finds herself alone in the kitchen washing up, overwhelmed by the dishes. However she begins to hear exotic sounds coming from the sink allowing her to escape the boredom of the task at hand...

Music by Christophe & Patrice Heral feat. Peker

Music is not only a support in the movie, but also our characters way of communicating. So we worked in close collaboration with musicians from the scenario until the final cut. Fun fact : Most of the music has been made out of recorded dishes sounds.

Choreography by Leonardo Montecchia

Through which dance would we represent those different cultures? Which design have the best potential for this dance? In which environnement? Working with a choreographer was essential. We also created a live-action version of the movie where Leonardo is the actor and dancer in order to get the best references for animation.

From abstraction to a short movie

Through a color script


Making of

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