My various 3D game art projects

My various 3D game art projects

Jacob Poole
by jacobpoole on 10 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My entry to The Rookies Awards 2020 consists of the various projects I have created both in my studies at university and as personal work. Each asset has been modelled in Maya and Textured using a combination of Substance Painter and Substance Designer.

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Drill Driver project - Hardsurface hero asset practice. Baked from a highpoly and retopologized. 9,600 tris, 1 x 4k material.

Diagon Alley Shopfront - Scene project. Created from a mixture of baked bespoke assets and trim textures. The final scene is presented in UE4

Weapon Charging Station - Game prop practice. Highpoly baked. 5,224 tris. 2 x 2k materials

Stylized Spellbook - Game prop practice under 500 tris. Highpoly baked. 498 tris. 1 x 1k material.

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