The Rookie Awards 2020: My best work

The Rookie Awards 2020: My best work

Felix Gourlaouen
by felixgourlaouen on 23 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my entry for the Rookie Awards of 2020. It features a mix of both best personal and school work. I hope you enjoy going through it!

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Bearnard the furball

My original concept drawing (those claws are way too big!)

A grooming exercise for school, we had to design and create an animal of our choice. I wanted to give him this friendly and content look, and I think it worked out quite nicely! I found this to be a challenging task, being my first introduction to grooming and to Xgen. I overall really liked creating him, and am looking forward to take on another grooming project.

The Last Fear Agent

A personal project I made recently. I tried to capture old Heath Houston from the Fear Agent comics by Rick Remender and Tony Moore. It was my first portrait, made following proper pipeline steps such as animation ready topology for example.

The main references I used from the comics by Rick Remender and Tony Moore.

The Weapons Cabinet

These two images were created in 3 weeks last June, as an end of year exam. The idea was to create a curiosity cabinet following a theme we could choose. I chose to recreate weapons from all over the world and across many centuries. This was a really fun project in terms of modelling but also because of all the research that went in beforehand.

The Peaky Blinders

This was a shot I created in december of 2019 for the Peaky Blinders contest, here, on the Rookies. I enjoyed making this, it was my first full on personal project, and I liked having a deadline other than school ones.

A modest circus

Another school project: I made a small circus that feigned its own grandeur. It was an interesting exercise, trying to tackle exterior lighting like this, for day and night. I had the most fun on this sculpting the elephant head!

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