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Edgar  Teba Mateo
by Edgar Teba and eddteba on 10 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Personal project for animation work. The aim of this work was to learn more about anatomy, marvelous and xgen. And enhance my skills to character 3D, and try to doy my better effort on it. I hope you like it!!

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This project start thinking to do something realistic and dinamic. And a great practise to practise with anatomy human, textures and hair. i pick this Storm concept based on some concept nad reference images that i found in the web. I enjoy so much with each part of the project and I hope you like than i do it working on it.

I do modeling, texture and hair work. The pose i was helped by Victor vera whose he help me to do a basic rig for the pose and later improve the blemishes. For the render, Lighting was done by Elsa Carrasco.For create the atmosphere.

Firstly, I create a common woman, doing the base for animation and to practise with marvelous to create some fits for latery transform the character in a superheroine.

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