Endless Fun

Endless Fun

Wong Wee Nee
by weeneewong on 10 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi! My name is Wong Wee Nee. Proudly presented my artworks of 3-year journey in The One Academy here! These are the illustration that I’ve done throughout my journey. Enjoy!

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This is the project I did for basic concept design class. The whole project is based on Thailand culture. The story is about a Thai-chinese-girl who helps her grandmother to sell fresh fruits at the floating market.

But one day, there's a swirl in the river which entangle Vanida and her best helper, Elaf to somewhere else......

After the accident, Vanida fell into a coma. She found herself and Elaf stuck in the afterlife and try to escape......


The project I did for Design Process Principle class is about an escape plan of the main character. This story is inspired by the movies which are Rampage, Jumanji and Jurassic Park.



I was excited about this combine project with my beloved classmates. I feel so proud that my original story had been chose to proceed to this final project.

This story is about 2 brothers and how they solve their conflict through the adventure journey.

Alba (old Scotland) is a country filled with lightning elements. The overall atmosphere of this world are both thunder and also full of intense .​

Christopher has always been jealous of his brother, Louis who people often compared him to. With the desire to become stronger and greater than Louis, he sought out the help of a deity who allows him to grant one wish but in order to get that one wish, Christopher must first collect rare relics that will awaken the deity’s powers. Forging a fake mission and successfully convincing Louis to join him, the two brothers embarked on the long journey where their bond was tested with challenges, doubts, hatred and Christopher making decisions that may change their lives, and their relationship forever.


Here are the portrait illustration I did for digital illustration class. I enjoy the progress very much!

Thank you!

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