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Dangling Alien Boss Concept

Dangling Alien Boss Concept

Rebecca Martin
by beccam on 29 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

3D concept for an alien boss fight in a sci-fi video game. It was a project created as part of a Game Art course at SAE Institute.

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This was a project I created as part of my Game Art degree at SAE Institute. It is meant to be a 3D concept for a potential boss fight in a sci-fi video game. The creature is the computer augmented pilot of the ship the player would be exploring. On wandering into the room, the doors lock behind the unwitting player and the battle begins!

 I created all the models and textures myself. I learned a lot through doing this project and most importantly, I enjoyed making the creature and the room around him.  

The stage is playable in Unreal Engine, and you can walk along this walkway towards the boss. In an actual game, the boss would be animated and would be firing on the player with the two cannons next to him.

This process view shows the finalised photobash and turnaround for the creature, modelling in ZBrush, unwrapping and tweaking in 3DSMax and set-up in Unreal before I added lighting and fog.

Some of the early concept work for the creature. I wanted them to be physically attached to the surrounding environment of the space ship. I placed a lot of focus on scale and the position of the creature, whether it was rising out of the environment or dangling above it etc.

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