My Learning journey in game development.

My Learning journey in game development.

Cyriel De Jonghe
by cyrield on 20 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Welcome! I'm very excited to enter the rookies this year. It's about time I crawl out of my shell and show my work. In this entry, I want to show you what I've made in the last couple of years at school. I really enjoyed working on these projects. I hope you enjoy looking at them too!

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The Mellow Mill

This is my favorite project I did so far. My goal was to create this environment that looks very calm, warm, and relaxing. I loved creating all these assets and vegetation. Modeled in max, a small bit of sculpting in Zbrush, texturing in Substance painter, some materials were made in substance designer. And of course presented in Unreal Engine 4. I used modular meshes. Only 1 wooden bar, 1 plank, 2 rocks, 3 trees. So I kept creating assets on a minimum and this worked out fine. Just copy-pasting these meshes around.

The Factory

This was the first time I started working with Unreal Engine 4. I started with a base blockout that had some interesting shapes and cool lighting. If the blockout looks fine, your end result will, with enough effort, look fine too. This whole level was made with only 20 assets and I used a trim sheet to texture all these meshes.


DL-44 Blaster

Here I made the famous DL-44 blaster, the weapon of choice for Han Solo. I started with turbosmooth in 3DS Max, then made the low poly. Baking and texturing were done in Substance Painter. The presentation was done in Unreal Engine 4. Using some directional lights with the right angle to make the textures pop out a bit more.

Car Battery Charger

This special box here I found in my grandfather's garage. He was a car mechanic and I needed a simple box-shaped asset to make in 3D. I made the Low poly first then worked on the turbosmooth. The texturing was done in Substance Painter.

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