Journey of Passion

Journey of Passion

Juanita Wijaya
by juanitawijaya on 8 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi, my name is Juanita. It has been a crazy journey where I have created art from paper scraps to sharing my fully refined artwork on a big digital platform! These are the works I have done throughout my journey whilst studying in The One Academy.

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Pollen in Love

I was excited about this project which collaborative with the digital animation team. It will be made for short animation video that still on progress. But before that, my concept art team and I will go through the pre-production process and design the concept art for the characters and environment. The genre of this story is romantic and comedy.

Paul is in love with local florist lily, trying to profess his love for her despite his pollen allergy.


Basic Concept Design

Tilulu is one of a project that I did in college for basic concept design subject. The project is quite interesting because the theme is about the afterlife. So I have come up with an idea to create a spirit world which is inspired by a movie called Coco.

The development of this project is heavily influenced by African Ethnic and culture which I try to visualize from the characters. Even though it was quite challenging, I was intrigued to further develop the characters by making the overall theme is cheerful but yet still maintain the mysterious feeling.

Matte Painting

The method of photo bashing is beneficial, where I can gather a lot of references and build it as environmental concept art. Exploring the different concept and enhancing the realistic of the establishing shot is one of the things that I try to achieve for the final result. 

Serpent of the Sky

Serpent of the sky is a collaborative project that I did for a concept design class. My team and I decided to choose a Viking theme since we pick an ice element. For further development, we create the characters and build them up based on the story that we did.

In a Kingdom of proud warriors, Freyja is looked down upon as a weak princess. She was lonely and ignored until she found an injured baby dragon. As she finds joy in her newfound friend, her father and his men see another purpose for the dragon.. a destructive one.

Sanctuary of Soul

This is my personal project for my last round semester. Since I like fantasy art, I come up with an idea to create a mystical story in the forest.

Leah is a misguided shaman led into a swamp by a spirit named Hob. Within the swamp, she was intrigued by a mysterious mushroom and accidentally delivered to a misty area by the creature beneath the magical fungus. As she was brought deeper into the mist, she found Hermione who was trapped in there, which unknowingly is a lost soul of Leah.


This project is mostly inspired by Japan culture which I further develop for design process principle subject. I came up with an idea to make a healer twins character who tries to heal the wounded spirit and releases their inner part.

Shoden (Reiki) is a symbol of healing or “First Teaching”. This is also a learning process of Reiki about how to heal the inner part of our true self. A form of energy healing will help to transfer the universal energy and help the patient to unlock their darkest side.


I love mood, rhythm, and stylize. It took me so long to wandering around what I like and what I enjoy. But another day, another practice, another exploring different pattern of art, finally strengthen me to be a better of the artist today.

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