Ben Wilkinson - The Rookies 2020 Entry

Ben Wilkinson - The Rookies 2020 Entry

Ben Wilkinson
by ben17 on 7 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here are some of my recent favourite projects, hope you enjoy!

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Destroy All Humans Saucer Remake (Fan Art)

Recreation of the saucer from Destroy All Humans. This project was undertaken for my final year project at my university as I learned of the new remake of the original game, I decided to remake one of the more iconic pieces from the game that being the saucer. However, I decided to do it in a more “realistic” style than the art style used in the games. The model has also been rigged to allow for animation.

The environment was created using assets from the Megascans library

Sebulba's Podracer

This project was completed in my third year at Staffordshire University, It was a custom brief set by me and confirmed by a lecturer. I set out out to create a game ready model of Sebulba's Podracer from the Star Wars franchise with a maximum of 90k tris and a 4k map for each of the PBR maps needed. The model is presented in UE4.

Borderlands DAHL SMG (FAN ART)

For this project I was tasked with creating at least 3 weapons in the style of borderlands. These gun combinations had to be below 25k triangles. Weapon A is 21,279 triangles, weapon B is 23,415 triangles weapon C is 17,645 triangles (each modular piece is around 3k triangles most below this). The model was baked and textured within substance painter with a limit of 1024 x 1024 per sheet and the model was made in a PBR workflow. The model is presented in unreal engine using a shader found at Everything but the shader is my own work

Audi DTM RS5

This project was completed with guidelines such as a 100k triangle limit, 4k texture set for the body, 2k texture set for mechanical pieces, a 512 texture set for the wheels and a 1k texture set for the glass decals. This model was to be used in a third person game so the interior, under the hood, and suspension are modeled to a lower detail.

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