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CG reel (shading/lighting/compositing)

CG reel (shading/lighting/compositing)

Adrien Brooks
by adrien93 on 6 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I'm currently looking for opportunities to work in Visual Effects and Feature Animation as soon as possible. I graduated in september with a degree in CG animation. I have always been amazed by the magic of visual effects in film and would love to work on some great films!

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I made this short film called "The Snailien from outer space" in about 2 months. I did everything from the concept to the compositing (including sound effects and filming the background at a beach near my home). It was my first attempt at integrating CG into a live footage environment!

This robot project was made just after graduating. I wanted to create a sort of desert wandering character that mixes technology with kind of ritualistic elements.

This frog was made for my 2nd year short film, about a frog in a car getting chased by a snake! I was responsible for all aspects.

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