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Quake 3 vibes

Quake 3 vibes

Massimiliano Moro
by franzil on 11 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is a short 4k clip with audio inspired by the game Quake 3 Arena .

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Hi everyone , my name is Massimiliano Moro and I am a CG Spectrum stedent currently enrolled in the Advanced Modeling course . This is a short clip inspired by the game Quake 3 Arena . I have been always fascinated by the strange mix of apparently discordant elements that characterize this mythical game : medieval environments filled with futuristic machinery , architectures that literally float over emptiness , modern electronic music and medieval chanting . I took as reference a map or level called "the empty chamber" .  However this is not a one for one rendition of that environment , there are many elements taken from other maps as well . Basically I tried to reinterpret the spirit and the mood of the game using as guidelines its recurring themes : fire , machinery , the void and the skulls . The entire clip is a walkthrough with animated cameras and a few simple animations (rotating wheels and gears) . The statues represent game characters that I particularly like : Xaero , Klesk , Uriel . I hope I was able to capture part of the main features of this great game . 

Reference : 

Here are a few screenshots taken from the actual game and and pictures of the characters present as statues in the clip . In the case of Uriel I took the liberty of mixing the original concept with that of the terminator . 

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