Jamie Janas 2020 - 3D Generalist

Jamie Janas 2020 - 3D Generalist

Jamie Janas
by jamiejanas on 3 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

My name is Jamie Janas, and this is my submission for the Rookies 2020 contest. I'm showing 5 projects I've worked on over the last year.

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Fantasy Deer

I made this character for a third year uni film pitch. Modeled in ZBrush. Textured in Mari. Rigged in Maya. Foliage with XGen and MASH. It ended up with around 60 8K UDIMs - as I wasn't sure what kind of closeups would be needed in the film, but it had to hold up at all angles. 

The Blacksmith

This is a personal project I worked on over my last term of uni. Responsible for all 3D elements. Based on concept art by Stefan Parchisanu. Modeling in ZBrush, texturing in Mari and Substance Painter, rigging and grooming in Maya. Rendering/compositing in Arnold/Nuke. She has 23 8k UDIMs.

Some expression tests I did during the rigging of the facial blendshapes:

Her groom guides and a grey render I did during hair lookdev:

Her control rig:

Fantasy Elf

This is a personal project I did to help learn how to do realistic skin and grooming. Modeled in ZBrush. Textured in Mari. Groom with XGen. Rendered/composited in Arnold/Nuke. 8 8K UDIMs. The colour scheme was largely inspired by Avatar.

Her groom guides:

Floating Island

This is an environment I put together for a quick sequence featuring the Blacksmith character, above. The foliage is largely made using Maya's PaintFX, with more realistic surfacing. Aside from the plants, everything is textured procedurally in Arnold, as I wanted to avoid doing UVs for them. Some megascans props were used.

A Hard Life

A personal project I worked on over a week or so. The crab is based on Egor Safargalin's concept: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/o5bBz The island was inspired by Moana, and I wanted to practice making a more stylised scene, that conveys a lot of personality.

The shader network for the crabs body. I did a lot of procedural stuff, in addition to the textures.

The posed ZBrush sculpt. The large seashell is a photoscanned asset.

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