Hacker Room - UE4

Hacker Room - UE4

François Larrieu
by francoislarrieu on 1 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Second personal project of a Hacker Room for my entries in Rookie Award 2020. On a concept by Joakim Englander.

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It is from there that he operates, somewhere, in an old cellar of an abandoned building. The room is only lit by a few lights, and especially by the light from the many servers and screens in front of which he spend most of his time. Retrieving top secret information, hacking bank accounts or even tracking down known people, it's his job. As you can see, food isn't her main concern, and apparently cable management either ...

This fully modeled in Maya, Cloth modeled in Blender. The textures are a set of Substance Painter and tiling in UE4.

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