Khiva : The Royal Ruins
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Khiva : The Royal Ruins

The goal of this project was for me to be able to design this style of uzbek architecture in a limited time, while sticking to the brief of the given project (forbidden lands). I was very inspired by the Blue Mosque architecture in city of Bukhara and Khiva, Uzbekistan. Icompleted this project within 3 days.

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Update - 30 Apr 2020

According to archaeological data, the city of Khiva was established around 1500 years ago. The origin of the name Khiva is unknown, but many contradictory stories have been told to explain it.

A traditional story attributes the name to one of the sons of Prophet Noah(AS): "It is said that "Shem" after the flood, he found himself wandering in the desert alone. Having fallen asleep, he dreamt of 300 burning torches. On waking up, he was pleased with this omen, he founded the city with outlines in the form of a ship mapped out according to the placement of the torches, about which he had dreamt. Then Sim dug the 'Kheyvak' well, the water from which had a surprising taste. It is possible to see this well in Ichan-Kala (an internal town of Khiva City) even today.

My initial stage before any Design work is, looking at real world references. There's just something about Uzbekistan's architecture that excites me. Specially, the city of khiva and Bukhara. 

After collecting my references and getting a basic Idea of what I want to create, I was simply trying to ideate and sketch out the basic shapes very roughly, to get a sense of my overall design and how it may look in the final. Once I was happy with it, I chose to model my scene, and some basic Architectural highlights from my reference Images. I purchased some of Quixel's Textures, and applied them on my models using Blender.  

Before Rendering, I was being very careful with the basic rules of composition, while setting my camera. Once my scene was ready, I set up my lighting and volumetric fog, and started rendering out my frames using "cycles" (a realistic render engine native to Blender).  I conducted some render tests with different types of lighting, HDRI's, and different times of the day. Following images are some of the Raw Renders.

Finally, I selected some of the Renders that I liked, and painted over them to art direct my shots a little further, and make it appear more cinematic, dynamic and less like a stiff lame 3D render. Paintovers done in Photoshop. 

Hope you liked my entry :) you can follow my work on Artstation at

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