Two Kings
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Two Kings

2D Environment Concept Art

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Update - 30 Apr 2020

FInally finished this piece, I think I was able to represent the idea inside my mind and I'm pretty satisfied with the final work and the whole process behind it, loved the theme and hope you like it too!

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Update - 30 Apr 2020

Advanced thumbnails, with designed elements incorporated. I like the cliff overllokinf the most so I proceed to first coloring pass

After this it only left to do some minor tweaks of things that bother me a little, add more ambiance/atmosphere and polish the little details and I'll call it. Looking forward to the final result

Update - 29 Apr 2020

Next element I take my time to design is the statues of the two kings guarding and wathing over this secret place, carved in the stones and mountains themselves. I explored several options that I think could fit the previous thumbnails, let's see how that goes.

Update - 28 Apr 2020

Some rock explorations, these will be a very important elemnent on the comopsition so I think to explore a bit before commit to a design.

I want to reflect the fantasy and mystic elemnt trough the stones, like in the celtic culture so I've explored with several shapes and formations, I liked the most the slim and tall ones, like reaching or poiting towrds to the sky. I think these are the ones that best get across the message I want to send.

Update - 26 Apr 2020

Hello! Late entry here but I'll try to reach the deadline... My idea for this contest starts with a tale that kinda popped into my head... The legend of two ancient kings that guard a place of enourmous power but in time this became just a myth, so a young warrior starts a journey determined to find it! 

Well with this context I pictured the environments scenes, with a Old Celtic culture influence and Irish landscapes in mind, big praeries, magic carved stones and sea cliffs are the references I looked up! 

Here're the first thumbnails.