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3D Procedural & FX Artist - Showreel

3D Procedural & FX Artist - Showreel

Beatriz Maicas López
by beatrizmaicas on 25 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is my showreel with the projects I did after finishing my training at Trazos School .

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1. All aspect. Vellum Grains (Houdini SideFx) - Compositing (Nuke).
2. All aspect. Shading and Modeling Procedural (Houdini SideFx). Article about the project on 80 level.
3. Simulation Grains, shaders and lighting in (Houdini SideFx) - Compositing (Nuke).
Model, texture and animation crab for Sam Kevern.
4. All aspect. RBD and FLIP Simulation (Houdini SideFx) - Compositing (Nuke).
5. All aspect. Modeling and Ocean Simulation (Houdini SideFx) - Texturing (Substance Painter) - Compositing (Nuke).

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