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Game Ready Environment and Characters.

Game Ready Environment and Characters.

by sasoonnazari on 21 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

These are some of my game ready assets I have made over the year that I am proud of! They have all taught me a lot about the Games pipeline

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This was a character I made in 10 weeks for my Character for Games Class.  The foliage and hair textures were made using fibermesh.  This is a Games Ready character to be used in production.  All the textures for this character were made from scratch in Substance Painter. The concept for this is character is by Even Mehl Amundsen. The total tri count for this character is 92,519.

This was a personal project I worked on during my free time. I wanted to focus on doing some more hard surface modeling and was happy with the results. The concept is by the Eunyoung Jeon. He made an awesome concept to work from! Total tri count is 40,786.

This was a project I created at Gnomon.  I modeled, sculpted, textured, and baked all the statues, buildings, and pieces in the environment from scratch.  The terrain, trees, bushes, foliage cards were made in World Machine and Speedtree.  The main statue in the fountain was a scan I did myself.  Megascans were used for terrain textures, decals, and foliage.  The scene was lit using dynamic lighting feature in Unreal and color graded in Unreal with the post process node.  

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