Knick Knack Attack

Knick Knack Attack

by jamesleigh111 on 22 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Knick Knack Attack is a split screen, hot seat shooter. In which two players must battle in quick games to get the most kills, The game uses power ups that are placed around the map. We hope the game will bring feelings of nostalgia through its theme of older toys.

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We are British Beavers a level 3 Priestley college game design team based in Warrington just outside of Manchester. This is our final major project that we have been working on since early march, we have been studying games design for almost two years and love every minute of it! Even though we have had our set backs with Covid - 19 and it hasn't been easy working from home with all kinds of problems from scheduling to internet, We are truly proud of what we have accomplished in such a short time as a team of 6 and we would love to share our game progress with you.

The game is a split screen fps hot seat game, inspired by shooters such as csgo or overwatch. Our game is all about quick battles to get the most points using different power ups such as, super speed, swarms and even invisibility alongside with utilising the games varied map areas like the western town, the two forts or junkyards. However, we also wish to give the players a feeling of nostalgia. To accomplish this, we wish to use toys that older generations will have played with and perhaps have forgotten about until they see them in our game.

These are the blockout videos demonstrating  different stages of the game and how the mechanics work

This is a our respawn test video showing off the code for the respawn system which was one of the first things we got working.

After the respawn we worked on the guns and pickups, adding in all the powers and getting damage to work.

From there we created the swarm mechanic, when the player picks up the swarm the other player with be chased by finger puppets for a minute.

These are some older videos showing off different aspects of the game that got scrapped or were changed. We used to have three levels a old fort, western town and a junkyard but the map was changed and combined and the old maps seemed to big and slowed down game play.

This is a walk through video showing off all the gameplay mechanics like the power ups, how the fighting works and how the map flows.

These are the old maps verse the new combined map, you can see these older maps in the blockout videos before we decided they were no good and a change needed to be made.

 If you are interested in our game and wish to support us play our game you can download it for free at:

Game Dev's portfolios:

Melanie Griffiths- Programmer:

Samuel James Bate- UI Design and Level Design :

James Leigh- 3d Modeler and Level Designer :

Samuel Green- 3d Modeler and Animator :

Josh Wilcock- 3d Modeler and Level Designer :

Brandon Davies- Programmer:

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