The Fall
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The Fall

Shreds of mist... A stream of blood... The city is under siege. No escape at the end of its reign.

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Update - 25 Apr 2020

Here is my version of Forbidden Lands, completed ...

I chose to reverse the angle of view, in order to be more in agreement with the direction of reading that I wish to give to the image. The city is wedged on the left, in order to visualize the scene from right to left: the city belongs to the past, its fate is sealed.

The lady's dress has an excessively long train. It merges with the rock. Like a stream of blood ... The woman wears the veil, like a widow. As for the rock which supports her, it voluntarily has the shape of a mouth, even if it isn't distinguished at first sight.

Under its appearance of natural process, it is an apocalypse which takes place in this image.

I hope you will have as much fun looking at my drawing as I've had making it! Thank for your attention. :)

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Update - 22 Apr 2020

Today I focus on the hill! I work the sky a little ...

Update - 21 Apr 2020

I work on the fabric material (still to be refined) and the light effects.

Update - 20 Apr 2020

The maelstrom is being refined. I readjust the contrasts between my shots.

Update - 19 Apr 2020

The sky takes shape ...

Update - 18 Apr 2020

I quickly put the masses of colors to get an idea of the colorful atmosphere.

Update - 18 Apr 2020

My participation for the contest "Forbidden Land, Fallen Empires and Ancient Guardians". I'm just getting started. I hope to succeed in creating the image that trots in my head.

I imagine a silhouette which dominates a city ... Does she contemplate it? Does she condemn it? I want to give free rein to everyone's imagination on her role in this picture.