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 Christa's Concept Designs & Illustrations

Christa's Concept Designs & Illustrations

Dorothea Christabelle Victor
by frosterz9 on 17 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here I have compiled my best digital works, some from my study duration in The One Academy, while others created personally. I have produced a wide portfolio ranging in different fields of Concept Art and have divided the submitted artworks below into clear sections. Scroll ahead and thank you for checking out my work!

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Displayed below is a 4 month long concept art project consisting of character, creature, props, and architectural designs. I've chosen a cyberpunk themed universe where humans reside with the existence of Pokémon and situated in an apocalyptic era, hence the project title, Apokélypse. I enjoyed designing every detail of this project and though it was my first time learning the skill of photobashing, I immediately loved it!


Though I am in love with the expertise of photobashing, I am also flexible when it comes to developing illustrations and designs of different art styles. Whether it be realistic, stylized, or caricature, I am always determined to venture out of my comfort zone! Here are a few of my concepts that I have contributed in my team's stylized project called ALMA - a world consisting of voodoo scifi inhabitants combined with tribal elements.

Consequently, here are a few key arts from this project! I enjoy discovering different compositions to suit certain scenes and figuring different colour combinations to produce fascinating light and mood.

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Exhibited below are heavily stylized concept designs consisting of character, creature, props, and building  designs as well. During my studies of the art of stylized work, I found it challenging yet entertaining to develop the understanding of simplicity yet to create effecient details within the certain silhouette. I am determined to push this skill further in my works!

Other Works

You may observe a compilation of different types of my works below: ranging from matte painting, to portraits, to material studies. I enjoy constructing single pieces of work and illustrations just as much as I enjoy large creative projects. No matter the task, I would always put in all my effort!

Thank you once again for your time! I hope you enjoyed my creations!

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