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Jay Blencowe - Concept Art

Jay Blencowe - Concept Art

Jay Blencowe
by jayblencowe on 17 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

3D heavy workflow (Although I still draw). Interested in architecture in entertainment design. (I wrote an exegesis on it) I love turn of the 20th century design. Lately I've been expanding out to more natural environment exploration. Looking to work as a concept artist in film and games.

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Verdigris - Exposition Universelle

Verdigris - Modern City Architecture

Verdigris - Old City

Don't you see, Eugene? It's become more of a problem than just getting your feet wet.

2D - 3D Concept Development Sketches

Old Power Plant

I know a place...

Verdigris - Modern Nuclear Power Plant

Verdigris - Train Station

Spider Factory

I don't think this was just a research facility...


Research Management Mech

Offworld Farmers Uprising

There's something in the water.
Crops are dying and Scion wants to take the food our mouths to fill a hole in their money pit? 
F*** that!

Welcome To Greenville

Greenville is a fabricated American town in Russia used to train KGB agents in the 1960s. G√ľnter is infiltrating the town to uncover what the Russians are planning.

Epsilon Falls

Left stranded, alone, on a decommissioned gas mining station above Saturn, fighting to escape as it plunges out of orbit.

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