Portfolio 2020

Portfolio 2020

Armen Pamokdjian
by aliciasabot, antoinegrg97, armenpamok, jendellemonache, loona , and nielsdervieux on 27 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi ! Here is a condensed of the very best I achieved as work this final year of my 3D Art Animation Bachelor as facial shapes and character modeler ! I hope you'll like it !

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Personal project - Stu Hopps

This my version of Stu Hopps from Zootopia by Walt Disney Studio !

In collaboaration with Alice Deverchere, ANtoine Gregoire and Niels Dervieux.

I was in charge of the sculpt, retopology, body skinning, facial rigging and full blendshapes.

Alice Deverchere was responsible of the lookdev and gromm simulation

Antoine Gregoire took car of the animation

Niels Dervieux let me use his autorig

Thanks to them !

I hope you will like it !

Personnal Project - Cartoon's Facial Rigg

As personnal project, I was in charge of all aspects, but the main goal was to focus and train on the facial rigging, and blendshapes.

Cartoon character I sculpted in Zbrush, topology did in Maya, like the whole rigging process. I used DPK BCS as blendshapes system. Rendered with Arnold.

Short Student Movie - "Little Disorder"

Here are some screenshots from my graduation short movie, "Little Disorder", at Bellecour Ecole. As facial rigger and character modeler, on this project, I was responsible of the modeling / facial rig - full blendshapes / cloth simulation and shotsculpt of the main character, Diego .

The facial gym of Diego, showing some ranges of the rig .

Turn Diego


Short student movie - "Space Kitchen"

Some screenshots from another graduation short movie of my class I worked on . I was responsible of the head's modeling and topology of the main character, Chad, but also of all the mouth / nose / cheek and global deformers's skinning and corrective blendshapes.

Chad's facial gym, showing some ranges of the rig.

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