Viktor Colpaert- Portfolio Entry

Viktor Colpaert- Portfolio Entry

Viktor Colpaert
by viktorcolpaert on 17 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

A collection of my favorite works both character and environment concepts.

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"The Dragonstable"

An assignment from last year focusing on architectural design as well as environment. I put a lot of time in finding the right fit for the building itself. The style of architecture is based on that of the Batak Toba tribe in Indonesia. This assignment and almost all other works in here were made at DAE.

Light and color studies:

Environment and composition studies:

Final design for the building:

Environment studies:

Design thumbnails:

"The Flooded Church"

For this assignment we had to visualize a church that had flooded due to a tsunami. The focal point of this piece is a boat that stranded into the church due to the given circumstances.

Color studies:

Light Studies:

Composition Studies:

General studies:

Analogue Thumbnails:

"Character Designs"

Works made for the Character Design course at DAE.

Sjaman Assignment:

Here the the goal was to design a unique sjaman character, using reference from real-life sjamans. As part of the assignment we took photos of ourselves as a reference for the poses, these were then re-drew and used as a base.

Original designs:

Base drawings:

Scum Assignment:

For this assignment we had to design a unique criminal/ scumbag. The final was to be a painting of the bust in the style of Dishonored.


Beetle Knights:

For this assignment the goal was to create full plate armor Knights, using Beetles as a Reference.

Graphic horror:

Here the goal was to design 3 different monsters in an analogue drawing style.

The Acrobat

A collection of different poses for one acrobat character.

Final redesign:

Here We could redesign a character from our past assignments. I chose to redo one of my beetle knights, I also put him in a more dynamic pose. 

"The Old Man's War"

This was the exam assignment for the course. We had to create 2 final alien creatures that had each been based upon a different race from John Scalzi's book: Old Man's War. I have revised the works quite a bit since the exam.

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