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David Oroian - Portfolio

David Oroian - Portfolio

David Oroian
by ordanicu on 31 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

For the 2020 Rookie Awards Contest I selected some of my favorite and most skill-building projects I made in the past year. I love the technical aspect of hard surface modeling and I find myself very passionate about weapons . Hopefully I managed to show in my entry some of the love I have for this field.

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M4A1 Rifle

Here's my take on this iconic rifle that rules all FPS games next to the AK. The Colt M4A1 was used as my reference and the weapon is created with modularity in mind (5 Texture sets: Stock, Body, Mag, Bayonet, Silencer). 

All the parts are modeled in a realistic way following photo references (and real life dimensions when publicly available). The functionality aspect of the gun was a big focus, all the moving parts have been modeled to support realistic animations.

M4+Stock+Magazine: 22,045 Tris    //    M9 Bayonet: 3,176 Tris    //    Silencer: 1,234 Tris

Sig Sauer P365 XL

With this project I aimed to bring realism a step closer. The P365 XL was created as a VR-ready weapon model. It has 3 texture sets to be (just like the m4) a modular weapon that can support custom slides, magazines or receivers and be assembled as the player desires. A big emphasis was put on the field strippable aspect of the gun, having all of the essential internals fully modeled.

16,122 Tris

Sig Sauer P228

Yes, I might have a thing for SIG pistols :D What can I say? I'm a fan of their design.

This project was made using one texture set. A lot of texture space was saved by mirroring and scaling down uv islands that do not visually contribute to the external look of the gun.

5,183 Tris

Aircraft Fuel Pump

I made this prop after a small break to get the ol' engine running again. Texturing was the main focus and it's also a gradual transition for me towards environment art / props. 

AK 47 Type 3

I would like to finish my entry by showcasing my latest project (which is still a work in progress). Because I started with the M4A1, it would only be fair to leave the final words to the legendary AK.

Before going into details about the project, I need to show my appreciation to every artist that shares his knowledge online. Thanks to you, self-taught artists like me can learn this amazing skill and contribute to making games a better place for everyone. Thank you!

For this project I focused on creating a detailed highpoly model and texturing it as close as possible to my reference images. It is my favorite project so far because it pushed my skills further than any project I did before. I always avoided wood textures because of how hard they are to make but learning how to create realistic wood is something I should've done earlier. Now I feel much more confident and I can finally take on new challenges without that constant fear of what's to come when I get to the texturing part.

It has 3 texture sets: Metal body (4K), Wood (4K) and Magazine (2K, not shown, early work in progress)

12,372 Tris

Modding is the final step in feeling accomplished.

After finishing a project, the biggest reward for me is that last day when I integrate them in games that support modding. This last step allows me to appreciate not only the process of creating weapons but also the final result. It's a very humbling experience to see that your efforts are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what game development really is. Hats off to you, game devs! 

Thanks for reading through!

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