Art of Dominica Claribelle

Art of Dominica Claribelle

Dominica Claribelle Victor
by dominicaclaribelle on 18 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

An enthusiastic Indonesian illustrator and a fresh graduate from The One Academy, I am an artist who has the passion to create impactful artworks that help broaden the horizons of the creative industry.

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Glimmer - an animated short

‘Glimmer’ is a short film about a shy, young girl named Layla who encounters a kind angel that wants to have fun with her. However, the angel’s intentions are more sinister than it seems..

Glimmer was a group project I was involved in during my final semester in The One Academy. The pre-production stage took about 4 months and same goes to the production stage. As Art Director of the pre-production team, I was in charge of deciding the art style and the mood of the film as a whole. I also included myself in the concept art team and became a Character Designer. I designed the other 2 main characters: the Angel and the Demon. For the movie poster, one of my teammates came up with the sketch and base colours, and then it was passed down to me to finalise it with rendering and extra detailing.  This project was overall quite challenging for me, however I learned a lot and I am proud of my crew for producing excellent concept art works. 

Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice is a group project I’ve done with Shake My Head productions. Our aim was to design the visual development of the story we created together, and then produce an animatic for the plot. Each member had to design 1 movie poster, 2 key arts, 2 characters; and 1 prop, creature and environment design. The artworks below are all the ones I created.

Last Sacrifice is about a boy named Ming who sets on quest to find his missing brother Liang, who vanished by a yearly sacrificial event that is held by the village they live in. Ever since a demonic tree cursed their land, a young man has to be sacrificed and eaten, otherwise the village would suffer horrible consequences.

With courage and determination, Ming is eager to find out what happened to his beloved brother.

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