Adam Williamson
by adamw3d on 19 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This project is based off Winterfell from the TV show "Game Of Thrones".

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Hey Rookies! This is a project done for my final year at University.

I have always been a massive fan of the TV show "Game of Thrones" so I thought that it would be good to create a scene based off the show. I had always been a stark fan so I ended up creating a scene that was shown in Season 8, of Winterfell. The project was created over a 12 week period from start to finish. Had some great challenges in this with lighting to overall composition. Thanks for reading and hope that you like it! :)

Things not created by me! (Crediting)

Some of the VFX like the smoke was created by myself and then some was used from Epics showcase map but I tweaked all of them to suit the scene. They can be found here - 

I asked this artist if I could use the crow model and the animation and they said yes, the artist can be found here - 

I used an animated model of a wolf that I found for free on sketchfab. The link to the artist is below:



Blockout to Completion 

This shows the process from when I first started the blockout and then all the way to the end of production to the final image of my main shot. 


This shows a bit more of the process it went through, showing changes in composition from where the moon was placed to adding the wolf in at the end to add to the story. 

Asset Zoo

Concept from TV show

Thank you for reading, and I really hope that you like the project! If you want to find me on other socials they can be found here:

Twitter -

ArtStation -

LinkedIn -

Have a great day! :)  

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