Jared Fischler Student Work 2020

Jared Fischler Student Work 2020

Jared Fischler
by jaredfischler on 12 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

As a student at Gnomon School of VFX I've gotten to explore every area of CG and adopt skills that allow me to create nuanced and narrative-driven work. I hope you enjoy my portfolio!

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Here's a collection of my favorite work

"The Nothing King" - a personal concept

The Nothing King is a personal character of mine that was written for this project, which was created for Texturing 4 at Gnomon taught by Tran Ma. Finishing this within the 10 week requirement felt like a marathon, but was well worth it! I'm extremely proud of it and learned perhaps more in those 10 weeks than any other project I've done to date. 

Fun fact: The rat was added in the last week as a sort of spontaneous push to drive my story home. I sculpted him in pose and groomed using XGen IGS. 

Software used: Maya, Vray, Zbrush, Mudbox, Mari, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, XGen, Nuke.

"The Call of Cthulhu" - based on a digital illustration by Richard Wright

The Call of Cthulhu was created for Lighting 1 at Gnomon taught by Oded Raz. This was completed in around 12 weeks and was super hard to finish in time! I blocked models, lighting, and camera out immediately and had to be really diligent about following a schedule to ensure I could finish. One specific challenge was to figure out a lighting setup that worked for the truck, as well as the Cthulhu in the background since they're pretty far apart and have very different scales. The solution was to rely heavily on a directional (infinite) light source and use area lights only to spice things up. 

I'm really proud of the result. 

You can find the reference here.

Some new skills I learned: Phoenix FD, XGen, and many many Nuke tricks!

Software used: Maya, Vray, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Phoenix FD, XGen, Nuke.

"Identity Theft" - another personal concept. 

This was created for Texturing 2 at Gnomon taught by Christophe Desse. This project will always carry a bit of nostalgia for me as it's my first original 3D work and is a landmark for me as an artist. 

This is also my first Nuke project. I was able to teach myself the software with a lot of help from fellow students, and I've composited all of my projects in Nuke since then.

Software used: Maya, Vray, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Nuke.

"Sister Daniele" - a real-time character based on an illustration by St├ęphane Wootha Richard. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag

This piece was created for my Character for Games class at Gnomon taught by Damon Woods. I had a lot of fun adapting my usual pipeline to fit the needs of real-time rendering. It was really cool figuring out how to work the animation system in Marmoset to create the scrolling smoke texture and animated emissive map for the character's cigarette.

You can find the reference here

Software used: Maya, Zbrush, Marvelous Designer, Substance Painter, Photoshop, Marmoset Toolbag

The Loft - based on a photograph by Pia Ulin

This is my very first project created at Gnomon. The piece was completed in 6 weeks for Stephen McClure's Intro to Maya class.

Software Used: Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Vray.

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