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Effects Technical Director ( FX TD) Reel - Kerry Wang

Effects Technical Director ( FX TD) Reel - Kerry Wang

Kerry Wang
by kerrywang on 15 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I created this show reel while attending the Effects Technical Director (FX TD) Program at Lost Boys | School of VFX.

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Flip Project - Boat on the ocean

- Ocean simulation

- White water simulation

- Mist simulation

- Pop simulation

Rigid Body Dynamics - Collapsed House

- Handled different types of constraints by custom SOP Solvers

- Instanced debris randomly from cached high resolution fracture pieces

- Pyro simulation

- Vellum grain simulation

Group Project - Sand

- Vellum grain simulation

- Custom velocity field

- Lighting setup

Crowd Project - Flamingo

- Set up Crowd System generated with VEX codes

- Different types of Decision-Making States

- Rigging

- Animation

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