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Icy Belows
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Icy Belows

A mythical monument under melting antarctic ice.

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Update - 1 May 2020

Final entry!

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Update - 27 Apr 2020

iterations on the idea of an over/under shot. I am trying to make a contrast between banal on top and mystical underwater. I got inspired by hindu temples and the concept of fractals for the building's shape.

Update - 10 Apr 2020

Hello guys! I'm Seb B├ęgin, freelance concept artist from Montreal. here are the sketches I have made so far! I knew from the start I wanted to do something involving water and ice. I made these drawings to find a direction in this setting.

In the next week, I will dive deeper (no pun intended) on the idea of the over/under shot as in this last drawing. I like the idea of telling two parallel & complementary stories within one image. I'm keen to throw myself in the composition puzzle this is going to be.