Omer Vande Velde - Portfolio

Omer Vande Velde - Portfolio

Omer Vande Velde
by omervandevelde on 30 May 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Here is a collection of my recent projects for the 2020 Rookie Awards. My goal is to become a concept artist. Game art, modeling and animation are also part of my skillset. I am eager to learn and incorporate new techniques into my work.

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Amazonian Dragon Stable

This was a project done in June 2019 where the objective was to design a dragon stable from a tribe. I have decided to go for a breeding facility from an Amazon tribe. I reworked my final in my spare time and used photobashing. I tried to make the final composition look like it could be a frame from a movie shot.

Survivor's Vehicles

These are sketches from a pre-production project. The topic was to design different vehicles which could be capable of surviving a freezing post apocalyptic winter.

Guardian of the Swamp Spirit

The goal was to create a shaman after a set of anatomy studies. Had lots of fun elaborating different ways to make this spiritual character intriguing but still believable.

Characters & Style Exploration

Some various characters where I tried to explore different graphical styles.

Military Vehicles & Sunset Skies

Here is a little series I did over the course of a week alongside my projects to improve my color understanding. I used some reference pictures as a base for the vehicles.

Extra sketches and illustrations

Spellbook from the Depths

A Spellbook that comes with an advanced lock mechanism from the sea. It might be a bit unsafe to store in your ordinary library... Assignment for my Game Art class where we created a fantasy weapon in the style of World of Warcraft.

Colt .38 Detective Special

Head sculpts done in Zbrush

Jaguar F-Type

I had a go at modelling my favorite car!

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