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You've Found the Angels
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You've Found the Angels

Angels left earth once men were banished from the garden of Eden. After years and years, men have found it once again to discover that the angels have never abandoned them.

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Update - 1 May 2020

The final piece

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Update - 28 Apr 2020

updates! Still working hard on the details of this piece. It took me a while to be happy with it, but I'm sure that I'm heading down the right path. With a bit more time, this'll be ready! 

Update - 23 Apr 2020

progress on final work

Update - 21 Apr 2020

3D models to help with accurate perspectives lines and layout. 

Update - 16 Apr 2020

3. Speedpaint 01

chosen one of the thumbnails to develop - started playing with ideas and things to place within the piece. Playing with colours as well. 

Update - 11 Apr 2020

thumbnails to test composition and perspectives

Update - 7 Apr 2020

1. Concepting

I racked my brain, looking for potential ideas that I am (or could be) both emotionally connected to and would also fit the brief. The final concept I have decided to play around with is that which ties in with all three themes – forbidden lands, fallen empires, and ancient guardians.

The concept is based on angels and the Garden of Eden.

The background story is as follows:

“After men were banished from the sacred Garden of Eden, God assigned angels to guard it with their flaming swords. He also allowed them to reside in the garden to protect and undergo their holy duties for humans from a close distance. After millions of years, men stumbled upon the garden once again. They come to discover that it had been deserted for some time. The angels had left. They have abandoned mankind.”

I anticipate that the art would convey bittersweet feelings of something beautiful and holy be empty and left behind.  

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