Lair of Forgotten Bears

Lair of Forgotten Bears

Patrick Doyle
by patrickdoyle on 6 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Six months ago, after many great conversations at Siggraph, I switched my focus from just creating pieces for my portfolio to funneling my passion into an actual project. "Lair of Forgotten Bears" began as a children's book I wrote & illustrated 10 years ago. Thank you for taking a look. I hope you enjoy the world.

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This ever-expanding world is a labor of love. My hope is to see the characters, world and adventures become as special a place to kids all over the globe as they are to me. Below you can watch episode 3 and see the environments, characters and vehicles I created for this series. Enjoy and thank you!

Thank you for taking the time to look at the art from my project. As I said, it's been a very busy 6 months, but this passion is burning bright and I'm not slowing down any time soon! There are so many more adventures to come and it will continue to get better.

I include the following image of my workstation for fellow artists out there who want to create something special, but fall back on the excuse of not having what they need to make it happen. Everything above was created right here — on a 5-year-old 15-inch 16 GB MacBook Pro, with a $10 mouse and the cheapest Wacom tablet I could find (the iPad is there for music and videos). You can do it! All you really need to succeed is PASSION. Is working like this frustrating? Yeah! But I know one day I will have what I need to create the world I envision — And on that day I will look back at this photo, remember this time, and laugh.

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