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Mysterious Temple in Jungle
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Mysterious Temple in Jungle

Adventurer and his apprentice finally arrived at mysterious temple in jungle where monks practice asceticism.

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Update - 1 May 2020

Finally final! added last touch 

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Update - 28 Apr 2020

Added more details and defined some abstract shapes

Update - 18 Apr 2020

Work in progress! Add some more detail

Update - 6 Apr 2020

I will update some more progress soon!

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Update - 6 Apr 2020

Hello Rookies! I'm Su hyun Bang - Env. concept art student based on South Korea. Personally I really like the contest theme 'Forbidden Lands, Fallen Empires and Ancient Guardians' because I've been always interested in adventure games and movies like Uncharted, Tomb Raiders. So I decided to design mysterious temple in jungle

First I made simple 3d block out in order to establish shapes and compositions using blender. I didn't like it much ,but I decided to move on to photoshop

I sketched some B&W to explore ideas about mood and shapes.  it looked bit of desert rather than jungle so I tried to change that after.

I've put some details and characters!

Color sketches and more detail on focal point

Started more photobashing! I've tried to make focal point more interesting