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Rabbit Rampage

Rabbit Rampage

Bert Plasschaert
by Bert Plasschaert, David Bourgoignie , Elias Annys, Jonas Dewanckel, Lena Marien, Wouter De Smedt, and bertplasschaert on 6 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

This is the result of a 10-week long group project from 3 Artists and 3 Developers. Can you defend your carrot against the hungry mob of Rabbits? For this job, you receive a full arsenal of weapons (Bazooka, FameTrower ...). Good Luck and Have Fun!

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The game is Single and Multiplayer! Controller is highly recommended.

This project was made during the past 10 weeks with an amazing group of 3 artists and 3 programmers.

The main premise of the game is to join the vegetable size competitions throughout the map, but every time you compete, an angry group of rabbits try to eat your big and juicy carrot. Now it's your turn to kill the rabbits using your rake, hammer, crossbow, flamethrower or bazooka.

There is a chance that the rabbits will drop a seed, This can spawn an Attack, a Defence or a De-Buff plant.


There are 3 main types of rabbits: Default, Explosives, and Ranged. The default one have bigger and smaller variants. Bigger = Slower but stronger, Smaller = Faster but more fragile, and of course the normal one.

The explosive Rabbit, as the name suggests explodes on impact.

The ranged Rabbit, He picks up rocks with his ears and catapults it towards the carrot.

There are also 3 types of Plants: Attack, De-Buff, Defence.

The attack plant helps with attacking the approaching rabbits.
The De-Buff plant freezes the rabbits within its radius.
The Defence plant can be used to Block Pathways during the wave.

These are the Available weapons and their mark 2 variant. Every weapon has its own special abilities and upgrades. Fe: Multishot, Ice Trower, BeyBlade hammer ... 

This project was based upon my concept of Last year.

Together with all these amazing friends, we could make a real and fun game.
We are really proud of the result and hope you like it!


We invite you again to play our game and leave some feedback. This would really help further development :) Download:
And of course, we hope you like playing this game as much as we enjoyed making it!

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