Vladislav Andonov Environment Concepts

Vladislav Andonov Environment Concepts

Vladislav Andonov
by svar on 4 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

Hi everybody! My name is Vladislav. I have a background as video editor, but my interest is in Environment Conceptual art. I am self-though artist, dedicating all of my free time in discipline exercises on the subject matter. It is not easy. But I'm happy and doing my steps.

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Allow me to share my work and some creative process done during the class Environment painting and Design with Gilles Beloeil.

Black and white thumbnails

I started all with small black and white thumbnails, since it is quick and easy way to build compositions. It was fun to let my hand to explore happy accidents and shapes. At this point there is not much of a worry about mistakes. I was looking for anything that could make sense and to trigger my imagination for a scene.

In term of composition

Most of my compositions are organized around the rule of thirds, additionaly looking for good oportunities for framing, overlapings, strong lines that lead to the point of interest.

These two were built around dynamic compositions. Very interesting approach. Also I tend to change the setup in order to fix the composition for a better look at any stage of the drawing.

Exploring light scenarios

For this particular piece I tried different light setups. Exploring the light could give me a better composition solutions and nice looks. At the end I choose the ambient since I wanted something with mood.

Colour pallets

For some of the pieces I used references for colour pallets. Colours are not easy to wield, so sometimes I make small images similar to the black and white thumbs, picking colours straight from the refs or eyeballing them and blocking the major shapes in my comps in colour. That way I build my colour solutions.

Ideation for the interior

For the second interior I was inspired by Film Noir style. I like the triangle hierarchy of the characters in the shots. I also had a clear idea of what I wanted to draw. I started with a rough, loose sketch then jumped into values. I worked with Gilles' on light sources, because it was tricky. Starting with the sun and the bounced light from the floor, the hanging lamp and the red lamp was last. Gilles suggested to crop the frame and to hide the red lamp at the right. It is not necessary for every light source to be present and with the crop we worked for a better composition.

Process view

Here I can share short process for the pieces.


This is the "Museum".

My work on Fundamentals of Environment Design with David Harrington. I've wanted to exercise Art Nouveau style. I find it very beautiful and rich in details style. Could be very inspiring, which at the same time makes it very complicated and difficult to approach for me, but I did my  steps in it.


As a start, I gathered some references to examine the style and tried to create my own elements, which possibly I can use in my environment.


Next step was the quick thumbnails draw. As always, small images a quick and easy tool to generate ideas. At that point I was looking for a train station or anything  interesting as urban environment. Something to start from.

Struggle with the composition

Finally I decided to combine two of the sketches to build the base idea. It was a fancy train station. As I'm looking it right now, it is not that bad, but those days I didn't like it so much and started to alter it. Which led to problems with the composition. David helped a lot to solve that issue and that is how I formed the final look. 

Colour moods

I did a couple of colour moods, glazing the black and white image. Not many as a variety, but there I have interesting results. I wasn't sure, am I capable of finishing an odd colour pallet, so I did the one with the most natural look.

The process view

Here is the short process from the pieces I keep.

The Tower

This are different views to a tower that magically and unexpectedly appeared next to a small village.

The Blind Boy from the Misty Mountain

This is a rejected try for a book cover. That is why the first image is strangely set off to the side. I was wondering what to do with it: "to delete it or not". Meanwhile I was doodling a bit, when a story appeared in my mind. I reworked the environment and replaced the characters with my own. I've wanted to continue this vague foggy look, so It happened a set of moody drawings.

The story I figured out is about a blind boy, that cannot see his companion. They are settled in a mountain covered constantly with fog, so the people usually avoid it. That way they live untroubled and also the dragon keeps the boy save.

Another Moody Image

Another failed illustration for a book cover. The size in it  was meant to be an outer cover with folded flaps.


This might be interesting to see, although it is very old. It is my first try for a conceptual work. Considering that it happened before I took any classes. I organized my self and did everything - the idea, the concepts, the simple storyboard, the 3D, the animation, the video editing. I admit, the entertainment industry it is a hard work.

Early concepts

This is the early concept of possibly an alien docking platform. Very influenced from the Art Nouveau style.


I wasn't very good in 3D those days. I wanted a dynamic shot with the camera that looks from straight to down.  So I decided to try draw a panorama, that I can follow with a camera. I thought it could be easy, although it took me a while to figure the 4 point perspective in this situation.

The Environment

I wasn't sure how this strange planet could look, so  I did a couple of environment layouts with something already familiar from our planet.

Concept art in video

Here I can share a short video presenting my creative process, concepts, ideas.

Bumblebee - the video

And this is the final video.

As a conclusion

I hope it was informational and interesting. 

My full portfolio you can see at: https://www.artstation.com/svar

All my best wishes!

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