The Arquero - Real-Time Character

The Arquero - Real-Time Character

Sushan Manandhar
by sushan on 26 Apr 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

"John, an elite soldier, a silent guardian, an arquero, off to his mission to save his lost daughter, Dora..." "The Arquero" was my capstone project at bootcamp course I attended at Vertex School during September 2019. The original concept was by Rishiraj Singh Shekhawat.

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The reference I took for the head was John Krasinski's.

This was the first time ever I did hair cards for a real-time character. This was guided by Ryan Kingslien at Vertex School and the original process was from Jansen Turk, an amazing hair artist as CD Projekt Red. I was kinda' anxious about the character concept I chose for he had a lot of hair work to do but I am quite happy with this attempt I made. 

I have even made a TUTORIAL series on the HAIR CARDS process I did here. Check out here:

The original concept was by awesome Concept Artist, Rishiraj Singh Shekhawat.

You can check out his Artstation here:

Highpoly works.

Marvelous Designer adventures...

These were some of the adventures I went through on the Marvelous Designer. This was my second time using Marv. Designer for any character. Few of the steps were very new to me like using some external agent/avatar say the tactical vest dummy mesh to create the folds on the shirt. Doing the straps on the knees, I was successful at my early tries and was really happy for that. Learnt layering system in Marv. Designer is really powerful while I did those knee straps.


"The Arquero" was done with a story in my mind where John, an elite fighter from the Navy SEAL, his daughter Dora gets kidnapped by some cartel group who are believed to surgically hide drugs in children's body to cross borders. John will do ANYTHING to get his little princess back home safe and these muppets have no idea who they're dealing with this time...

Working on this character has been a wonderful experience for me. This was my first time doing a real-time character and I enjoyed this so much  that never realized how soon 4 months passed.

Learnt more than I ever expected. Ryan's ways of teaching on how to spend the polygons wisely and learning to trust your normal map has been a great thing to learn. Learnt how much of patience one needs to get a good looking hair (cards) done for a real-time character and at the end such efforts do really pay back to develop a good looking character art.

I am currently working on the daughter character "Dora" and I guess I will able to complete that in a couple of months or so. I am so enjoying working on this self-made story and yes every project needs a fuel to keep the ignition for motivation lit up. "Story" has one of them for sure.

Thank you for looking into my efforts! :)

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