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Tim Wilmsen
by timwilmsen on 27 Mar 2020 for Rookie Awards 2020

I am a 24 years old DAE student and this is my first entry for The Rookies. I love making PBR props and environments but I am not shy to do some handpainting. I love learning new techniques and hope to combine these skills with my other passion, history.

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Hoobler's Luger

One of my first PBR models, the making of this model is inspired from the story of Hoobler flying from Normandy to Belgium in order to find himself a Luger in the wonderful serie, Band of Brothers.

This gun is made in 3ds max and textured in substance painter.

Laser Sight

For this model, I took the concept of the laser sight of the talented Sheng Lam. This was to demonstrate how well we can take a concept and turn it into reality.

While it looks easy at first, it was a lot harder than expected and that made it also a good learning experience. 

Imperial Watchtower - Battle of The Islands

For my second try at handpainting, I was asked to make an island scene in the Caribbean. The idea was to create rival islands of the pirates or Imperials between the students.

I created this in 3ds Max and textured it in Photoshop

Annecy Cityscene

To demonstrate my understanding of low poly modeling, I was asked to create a cityscene based on a town called Annecy. My goal was to showcase a small diorama of the city with some typical aspects. For this, I only used the diffuse map along with some opacity maps.

This scene was entirely made in 3ds Max and Photoshop.

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